7 Interesting Renewable Energy Facts

renewable energy facts

Renewable Energy Facts

Just take a moment and see how much you know about renewable energy? It is one of the most popular topics that can be found in the world we live, but we only know few facts about it.

Due to this reason, we don’t tend to pay special attention towards the renewable energy and we often neglect the positive impact that they can create on the world we live in.

Renewable Energy Facts, Renewable energy can help us stay away from global warming

When it comes to renewable energy, we must understand that it is the best solution available for us to overcome the negative effects that global warming can create. In other words, it can be considered as the most prominent one out of the green energy facts.

Our body burns up energy and this has to be replenished if we are to survive hence we need to take in easily digestible cooked food which early humans discovered was possible with the use of fire.

They learnt that “Fire” gave out immense heat which they had experienced with burning forests etc.

They also coined together the possibility of heating raw meat on this fire which was then more edible and digestive which later led to controlling fire for other purposes like keeping them warm and protecting themselves from danger.

The burning of wood for fuel continued and is still the only source of fuel for many households across the world even in this 21st century.

Burning of wood for fuel did harm the environment but if we had continued this practice in all households of the world “we wouldn’t be where we are today”. We wouldn’t be where we are today” would be a few words which could sum up many things provided from which eye you would see it.

Seeing it with the “right eye” there would be a gas guzzling automobile on our driveway which when we decide to take a drive would emit very dangerous gases into the environment.

The gas cooker emitting more dangerous gases into the atmosphere, our refrigerator, air conditioners, televisions and other electronic items powered by burning up coal, gas, diesel or even nuclear fuels in some distant enclave polluting the environment around it and far above us.

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We should read then with our “left eye” and see the poor and downtrodden millions who are living in distant lands who still use wood for their energy needs and contributing a miniscule fraction of carbon compounds into the environment which is our’ too.

It is our callous actions that are destroying our planet and changing the world’s climate and warming it up. The Ozone layer is being opened up, water is becoming scarce and the very air we breathe is now polluted.

Global warming has brought a tremendous impact and climate change would destroy our habitat one day and then maybe we may have to survive on the remaining wood, if there are any to cook our food.     

Some interesting facts about renewable energy

Now you have a basic understanding about renewable energy. With that in mind, let’s deep dive and go through some more interesting facts about renewable energy.

  1. If we can properly harness the power of sunlight, the amount of sunlight that the world receives per hour is more than enough to cater the overall energy demand for one complete year.

 In other words, we will be able to find solutions to all the problems that we have with energy as well. However, no such efficient method to harness the power of sunlight is available as of now.

  • A single wind turbine is in a position to generate electricity, which can be distributed among 300 different homes. The large number of wind turbines installed around the world are playing a major role behind catering the energy consumption of the world as well.
  • The investments that are linked with renewable energy are extremely cost effective. From various studies conducted in the past, it has been identified as the most cost effective method available out there for the people to generate energy to cater their needs.
  • It is true that generation of power and energy through the burning of fossil fuels can generate jobs. But one of the most impressive facts about green energy is that it can create three times of the jobs when compared to fossil fuel burning.

This fact has been proven from the statistical information as well. This is another major reason why the governments out there in the world prefer to invest more money on green energy.

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  • In few countries that you can find out there in the world, renewable energy can be considered as a cheaper option when compared to fossil fuels.

That’s mainly because those countries are in a position to harness the power of renewable energy perfectly well. The location of the countries play a major impact in here.

  • Now we are about to disclose one of the well-known facts about renewable energy. Unlike the burning of fossil fuels, the usage of renewable energy, such as wind, hydropower and solar energy are not in a position to generate any greenhouse gases. Therefore, renewable energy is in a position to provide an excellent assistance to the people with overcoming global warming.
  • According to recent studies, it has been identified that the biggest resource base of geothermal out there in the world is bigger when compared to gas, oil, coal and uranium combined. If geothermal energy can be harnessed properly, it will be able to take the energy catering initiatives to a whole new level.

Final Words on Renewable Energy Facts

As you can see, renewable energy can be considered as the energy of the future. Hence, people should start paying more attention towards it. Then it will be possible to take the world energy requirements to a whole new level and cater them in an environmentally friendly approach.

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